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  Q. What kind of groups do you offer?

A. You name it! Sterling Artists has an extensive music library and a long list of versatile musicians that work with us. We are really able to provide music for any scenario. You will find the most requested groups described here on our website, however, we are not limited only to them.

For example, did you know we could engage a Klezmer band, Celtic harp, bagpipers, caroling singers in Dickensian costume, Hawaiian band for your next company luau, or even a chamber orchestra? If you can dream it, we'd like to make it a reality!
  Q. How far in advance do we need to reserve your services?

A. Most people plan their events anywhere from six months to one year ahead of time. This is especially true with dance bands. However, there's also a smaller percentage of people who plan for events in just a few months. And then there's a very small percentage who call for last minute events.

It's best to call as soon as possible to ensure we are able to reserve your first choice musicians.
  Q. How far will your musicians travel for an engagement?

A. Although our standard engagements range no more than 90 - 120 miles from the Baltimore / Washington area, there have been many occasions to perform outside of that radius. Clients have paid for our travel from New York to Florida, to the west coast and even overseas!
  Q. What do your musicians wear in performance?

A. Our standard performance attire is formal black dress for ladies and tuxedo for gentleman. Of course, our dress code is subject to your needs.
  Q. When do the musicians arrive at the venue?

A. In most cases, we ask the musicians to be on site approximately thirty minutes before any given rehearsal or performance. They need sufficient time to get their performance area set up with chairs, music stands and any electrical power issues which need to be addressed. Instrument cases and other extra materials will also be stowed away from the performance area in a pre-designated location prior to the performance.

The dance band will require more set-up time with audio equipment and stage presentation. A timeline is usually coordinated for this to be taken care of well before any guests arrive.
  Q. Help! I have no music experience whatsoever! Where do we begin choosing the repertoire?

A. No worries...that's why we're here!

Your first step is to listen through all of the demos we offer to get a sense of which group best fits your needs. Some people know exactly what they want when they hear it. Others enjoy everything they hear from the demos and have a hard time deciding!

Either way, we will be there to guide you in the decision with a few other factors to consider, such as number of guests attending, size of performance area and type of event. Our goal is to match you with the most appropriate group and bring the greatest musical impact to the event.

If you are choosing music for a wedding ceremony, we will go over a list of suggested repertoire with you once your ensemble has been decided. The elements of the ceremony for which you would possibly need to choose music include:
  • Seating of the Family
  • Procession of the Bridal Party
  • Bridal Processional
  • Interlude or Special Music
  • Recessional

Music to be played outside of these categories, such as pre-ceremony or cocktail music, is normally left up to the musicians to decide from the repertoire they bring.
  Q. Are you able to play special requests?

A. Yes. We have many wonderful composers and arrangers that work with us on a regular basis.

Most of the requests we receive are quite suitable for the occasion. However, there are some rare instances when it appears a piece may not be a good match with the ensemble, in which case we will gladly offer alternative suggestions.
  Q. What are your rates?

A. Our pricing varies with each event. The reason is that we need to consider a number of individual factors for each performance.

Some of the major considerations include how many musicians are hired, length of time commitment, rehearsal, keyboard rental, cartage for large instruments such as keyboard or harp, complexity of music involved and time spent in consultation with both the client and the musicians, and driving distance for the musicians.

Although this list of factors appears to add up, it has always been our goal to make concert hall quality affordable and accessible to any event. We will do our very best to work within your budget.





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